We are currently working with seafarers outside the borders of Ukraine.

First Class Service.

Ensuring the transfer of our seafarers under the best conditions is one of the best moral and motivational supports to be given to them. For this reason we partner with travel agencies that are partners of the best airline companies in the world.Our travel department and our travel agencies offers 24/7 nonstop service to always find the shortest and direct flight for our seafarers.

  • We prefer the shortest flights instead of long flights.
  • There are vip transfer vehicles and drivers that we work with in 74 countries of the world, so none of our seafarers are exposed to long waits.
  • Our company is a member of CIP and VIP lounges at 18 airports in European countries. In this way , our seafarers enjoy the best conditions before and after the flight.
  • The drivers of our company are always ready to serve our seafarers in the transportations within Ukraine.
  • With the emergency call number which is given to all our seafarers before the flight, the problems that may occur before and after the flight are resolved without interruption.


Aquavita-Tour Lufthansa City Center is part of the group of companies that started its operations in the travel industry in 1993. Our team comes complete with more than 200 business and leisure travel experts. Innovative approach and use of the latest technologies form the strategic basis of our business. Adding the online service TripWay to the group of companies was a logical stage in the development of the group of companies. Over our history, the group of companies has incorporated all areas of travel and transportation services. This undeniable advantage allows Aquavita-Tour LCC to offer customers a flexible commercial terms, a choice of service models and all types of services under a single contract.

Fly Istanbul – TURKEY

Fly Istanbul Travel Agency was established as an ‘A’ group travel agency with in Istanbul in 2015. Fly Istanbul Travel became a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) in 2011.Fly Istanbul Travel offers services in a number of fields such as; Domestic and International Airline Tickets;Culture– Exhibitions – Scholastic Tours Abroad; Hotel Reservations and Visa Processing for every country around the world.



24/7 support

Our entire team is available 24/7 and ready for service.


We have constantly ready crew in our database, and we carry out emergency & urgent operations without any problems.

support during contract

During the contract period, we take care of our onboard crew and solve any potential problems in advance.