We are currently working with seafarers outside the borders of Ukraine.
Regardless of the hiring of a single seafarer or an full seafarers for the entire vessel, we use the highest seafarer selection criterias on every operation.

As DESE company, we are aware of the fact that 85% of the technical failures and commercial losses on the ship are caused by the seafarers. For these reasons , our screening criteria are meticulously done by our professional team and we offer the best seafarers to the our respected shipowners.

High Quality – High Performance 

Crew management is concerned with end-to-end management of the crew, with the objectives of finding a minimum cost seafaring crews while maintaining optimum operational efficiency and safety.

Crew management activities including the recruitment, selection, placement, training and management of officers and ratings employed on our managed vessels.

DESE Crew Management activities are mainly focused on crew management for all type of vessels. We recruit experienced officers & ratings to work on the ships belonging to different shipping companies with the more than a decade’s worth of experience in crew management primarily in the Turkey , Dubai , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , India , Europe , Russia and Far East. As DESE Crew Management  , we totally understand that success of our clients’ business depends on crew working onboard.Thus, we undertake the full scope of management operations required by our shipowners. It means that each vessel we are responsible for is manned with qualified and well-trained officers and ratings according to our clients demands.

Our centralized system which stores all data related to seafarers for efficient monitoring of compliance with mandatory requirements (Flag State, Training, Certificates, Medical, Visa etc.). All data and documents are filed electronically for compliance check of seafarer’s competence.

DESE Crew Management has high level (%88) of retention rates in the industry. This is achieved through having proper recruitment , renumeration and continual training and performance appraisal system in the place.

Hire the best crew - %100 qualified and experienced!


24/7 support

Our entire team is available 24/7 and ready for service.

SMOOTH Joinings

We have constantly ready crew in our database, and we carry out emergency & urgent operations without any problems.

Support During Contract

During the contract period, we take care of our onboard crew and solve any potential problems in advance.