We are currently working with seafarers outside the borders of Ukraine.

DESE is the first choice for smooth and trouble-free sign on/off operations.

Crew operations are carried out smoothly from the seafarers come to our office for the first time, pass the necessary stages and join the vessel.Our operations are carried out with the organized cooperation of many departments inside of our company.


As a result of the uninterrupted coordination which we make with shipping agencies, airline companies, transfer agencies, all crew change operations are highly appreciated by our respected shipowners.

  • By keeping in constant contact with the shipping agencies, we get information about the ship’s berthing and the length of stay at the port, and we make our plane tickets accordingly.
  • Our partner airport transfer companies which are located in Europe , Far East , Turkey and America make a smooth transfer from the airport to the port. All steps are controlled and reported by our crew operators until crew join to vessel.
  • In addition to the travel agencies which we work with, there are also 3 airline companies which we are direct partners. For this reason, we resolve quickly in case of changes & cancellations and extension on seafarers’ tickets.
  • Our operations department tries to detect & foresee potential problems in advance and takes every precaution to prevent any problems in the each operation.
  • Regardless a single crew or full vessel crew, our operations department gives seafarers short training and all kinds of preliminary information in our office about airport/transfer/port regulations before each crew change operation. 



24/7 support

Our entire team is available 24/7 and ready for service.


We have constantly ready crew in our database, and we carry out emergency & urgent operations without any problems.

support during contract

During the contract period, we take care of our onboard crew and solve any potential problems in advance.