We are currently working with seafarers outside the borders of Ukraine.

We choose the best seafarer in 15 steps.

Our screening process includes 15 steps to ensure that we select the right seafarer for your vessel. You can view our recruitment process below.Clearly , we document the entire process for each and every seafarer and screen for compliance with any specific requirements you may request.

Any specific requirements you may have will be incorporated into our selection process by our technical team.

Our recruitment team has great experiences in crewing area and they are always trying to grow themselves with the outsource office trainings.

Our recruiters, senior captains, and chief engineers who interview the applicants have all received training in interviewing techniques, which enable them to conduct in-depth interviews focusing on personality, behaviour and leadership.

1 – Initial Screening
Seafarers regularly visit our offices and we receive a large number of applications every day. This is due to our reputation as a first-rate crewing agency in the crewing market. All applications received are carefully screened and entered into our database.

2 – Initial Interview by Telephone
At the first look , if applicant seems to have potential, we call them and carry out a telephone interview to confirm their background and to explain our recruitment procedure. If we believe the applicant fulfils the requirements, they will be invited for a face-to-face interview at our office.

3 – Reference Check
Our first aim to screen candidates to learn previous employers’ comments in their last contracts. For senior officers, we aim to get in touch with the superintendent responsible for the vessels where the candidate has served in order to learn about the candidate’s real performance on board a vessel.

4 –  Interview by Our Recruiters
All applicants are asked to come to our office for a face-to-face interview with our experienced recruiters. The purpose of the interview is not only to verify the candidates’ backgrounds and employment histories, but also to map their personalities and leadership skills. Naturally , we also check their certificates & diplomas during his existence inside of our offices.

5 – Proficiency of English language
Firstly , we are doing oral test to determine candidate’s level of English skills.We also use a computer-based test to verify that the candidate has an understanding of English appropriate to their potential position.

6 – Technical Tests
All applicants are tested for professional knowledge, using the latest version of Seagull’s CES test. All tests are performed in our office, under supervision.

7 – Personality Evaluation
All seafarers are interviewed by our recruiters for a character and personality report. The character analysis of the seafarer is revealed by carefully examining all the questions and answers of the seafarers, from how willingly they want to work on the specified ship and owner to alcohol consumption.

8 – Requirements of the Shipowner
Before the candidate is proposed to you, we will check to see if they cover your specific additional requirements.

9 – Technical Interview by Our Technical Team
All seafarers are interviewed by one of our experienced captains or engineers in our technical team. Our aim in doing this is to learn the technical skills of the candidate. Our technical team gives the candidate scenarios and asks him to realistically plan the necessary operations and mathematical calculations. Unfortunately, candidates who fail in this interview cannot enter our database.

10 – Flag State Compliance
The documents of all our candidates are examined by our crewing departments according to the regulations of the flag state. In some cases, since each flag state requires different documents with different regulations, our seafarers with missing certificates are given an accelerated course through our training centers to obtain certificates.

11 – Eligibility to Enter the Country
Some countries create entry problems for stamps in passports from a political point of view. For this reason, it is aimed to prevent last minute problems by carefully examining the stamps in the travel passport and seamanbook according to the port of participation.

12 – Medical Examination & Alcohol Drug
All seafarers undergo pre-employment medical screening at the most modern medical centre audited by us for reliability and approved by the major P&I clubs. We are in direct contact with the head doctors of the medical centre.

13 – Shipowner’s Interview
In the final stage, the candidate is proposed to the shipowner. An interview with the technical team of the shipowner is arranged and the decision of the shipowner is awaited.

14 – Pre-Joining Arrangements
If the shipowner’s decision is positive, the candidate’s original documents are kept in our office until pending and it is guaranteed that the candidate is waiting for the vessel.If the shipowner’s decision is negative, the reasons and consequences are learned, and the candidate is given time to complete and remedy these deficiencies.

15 – Joining Step
The candidate is quarantined at home 14 days before joining the vessel, and the temperature measurement is checked by the doctor every day together with our crewing department and a report is kept.One day before the joining, the vaccination card and covid test result of the candidate are examined and the personnel are prepared for the flight.



24/7 support

Our entire team is available 24/7 and ready for service.


We have constantly ready crew in our database, and we carry out emergency & urgent operations without any problems.


During the contract period, we take care of our onboard crew and solve any potential problems in advance.