We are currently working with seafarers outside the borders of Ukraine.

The drillship Fatih was successfully delivered to Turkey by DESE

The proud drilling ship of Turkey, now called “Fatih”, was brought to Turkey by DESE Crew Management at the end of 2017.

The Norwegian-owned ship, under the management of Dubai-based Noah Marine, is a valuable treasure brought to Turkey with the contributions of the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Turkish Petroleum Corporation.

Working with Turkish – Ukrainian seafarers in late 2017, DESE Crew Management company was in constant search in Dubai, Qatar and the Persian Gulf to increase the offshore activity of Turkish seafarers.DESE Crew Management, which is constantly trying to introduce Turkish seafarers to the offshore market, sent the Turkish sailors to Norway to bring the ship when it received the green light from the operating company Noah Marine.In this way, Turkish seafarers met with the drilling vessel for the first time. DESE Crew Management received great appreciation from Turkish government , Turkish ship owners and Turkish seafarers.

DESE Crew Management is currently trying to recruit Turkish seafarers under Aramco and Adnoc charter vessels.